Research & Consultancy

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knls undertakes consultancy services in close working collaboration with staff from the consulting organization.  Probable areas where effective consultancy services can be provided have been identified. The scope covers but not limited to various services indicated below. Knls also provides guidance concerning the categories of services, item description, item/s, and the expected cost per unit.

a.) Services concerned with library organization. They are concerned with the organization of knowledge and information.  They comprise:

  • Sorting information materials
  • Stamping and accessioning
  • Cataloging and classification
  • Filing card catalogs
  • Library rules and regulations
  • Shelving 
  • Arrangement of the library

b.) Services concerned with infrastructure. They are those services aimed at building capacity for library and information services. They comprise:

  • Research and development in library and information work and other identified potential areas. This is especially research undertaken on behalf of the willing customer.
  • Education and training of library workers
  • Proposal writing

 c.) Services concerned with a comprehensive national service. They are concerned with the delivery of service to end-users throughout the counties through a training program to promote the profession. They comprise:

  • Short training on library and information science
  • Practical attachment for students
  • Internship for studying students
  • Basic computer literacy
  • Training staff in institutions of basic library operations and management

d.) Services concerned with institutional services. They are concerned with the delivery of advisory services to end-users throughout the counties through an advisory program to promote growth and prosperity. They comprise:

  • Advice on library automation
  • Advice on human resources
  • Advice on sourcing for information materials
  • Advice on the security of information materials

e.) Services concerned with information retrieval or access. They comprise:

  • Abstracting and indexing
  • Newspaper clipping

f.) Services concerned with heritage. They are concerned with preserving, conserving, and documenting heritage. They comprise:

  • Advice on preservation and conservation of information materials
  • Bookbinding/ repair 

g.) Services concerned with information and knowledge management. They comprise:

  • Information brokerage
  • Data mining
  • Information searching 
  • Information packaging

h.) Services concerned with publishing. They are concerned with reviewing information sources. They comprise:

  • Editing and translation
  • Reprography