Partners & Sponsors

The Board, values the contribution of stakeholders and other development partners as the sure way of enhancing access to information by all.

Book Aid International (BAI) of UK

Donates books to deserving institutions through KNLS. Once the books are received by KNLS distribution is done on a first-come first-served basis. Deserving institutions are expected to apply for the books to the Director, KNLS.

World Reader

Worldreader is a global non-profit that provides access to digital books to children and families around the world. It is headquartered in the United States and has its East African region office in Kenya. Kenya National Library Service in the provision of e-readers in all libraries (62 branches) for use by the library patrons. In total, KNLS has benefited with over 3500 e-readers pre-loaded with a minimum of 200 e-books. This partnership has revitalised the provision of library services through the use of technology.

Goethe Institute

Several KNLS librarians have attended Goethe-sponsored workshops/seminars on diverse areas of focus. A few also have been sponsored for short course training in Germany on exchange program arrangements. Goethe-Institute has also established a German corner in Nairobi Area and at Buruburu libraries. This is meant to facilitate KNLS’ customers’ access to information on German culture, literature, and current affairs.

The US Embassy to Kenya

The US Embassy in Nairobi has sponsored the establishment of public information and activity centers known as the American Space in Kisumu and Nakuru Libraries. The Spaces are equipped with advanced Technology to facilitate interaction both in-person and virtual among local audiences and to deliver cultural and information programs.

Digital Opportunity Trust

Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) aims at transforming the lives of young people through capacity development. To achieve this, DOT offers training on the use of technology for entrepreneurial, community, educational and personal development. DOT has previously worked with KNLS in the training youth on life skills and computer skills through the KNLS Buruburu Library.

Communication Authority of Kenya

CA is the regulatory authority for the communication sector in Kenya which includes telecommunications, postal/ courier, and broadcasting. CA has partnered with KNLS in the establishment of e-Resource centers in rural areas to enable information access to all.


EIFL- PLIP 9Public Library Innovation Programme) supported the empowerment of communities by knls through the e-health project. Plip has also worked with knls Kibera Library through in provision of information for the underprivileged youth in the society. Through the project, kids were introduced to tablets to enable access to ICT and ICT related innovations.


Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examinations Board has supported KNLS through the provision of books, bookshelves, and supporting reading activities through the parent book club. Their role has been instrumental in also helping self-taught candidates acquire knowledge and write exams.

Practical action

Practical action has played a vital role in the construction and equipping of the knls Kibera Library. The library is an Iconic structure within the Kibera area with a perimeter fence, great ambience and reliable water supply. Practical action has also introduced the knowledge node program in the library which is a great program for the residents and the surrounding areas.


Hanban supported the establishment of a Chinese Language Corner at Nairobi Area Library through the provision of books in Chinese Language, books with Chinese language translations to English and Kiswahili and audio content to aid learners understand the language and communicate effectively in Chinese. They equally support programs by the library aimed at promoting learning of the Chinese language..