Agriculture, Biology, Biotechnology/Applied microbiology, Chemistry/Biochemistry/Biophysics, Economics, Entomology/pest control, Environment/ Ecology/Natural Resources, Fisheries/Aquatic Science, and Food Science.

African Journals Online (AJOL)

Mary Liebert AJOL is an open-access database that requires free registration. Subject Strength: Biomedical Research, Life Sciences, Complementary, Engineering, Informatics, Law, Economics, Medicine, Surgery, and Nursing.

America Institute of Physics

Journals AIP AIP Scitation offers online access to a robust collection of close to 1 million articles from leading Physical Sciences publications including journals, conference proceedings, standards, and magazines published by AIP Publishing and AIPP’s publishing partners.

America Physical Society

America Physical Society Access to the Physical Review Online Archives (PROLA) and journals produced by the American Physical Society.



ARDI ARDI currently has 17 publishers providing access to around 20,000 journals, books, and reference works. It provides access to scholarly literature from diverse fields of Science and Technology


AIDS Research and Therapy, BMC Infectious Diseases, BMC International Health and Human Rights, BMC Public Health, Chinese Medicine

Cambridge Journals

Cambridge Journals Subject Strengths: Politics, Linguistics, Social Science, Humanities, Law, Mathematics, Science, and Medicine.

Chicago Journals

Subject Strengths: Economics, Education, Humanities, Law, Life, and Physical Sciences, Social Sciences



Country Analytic Reviews (CARs), Community and school studies (ComSS), National and cross-national research monographs, Analytic work on changing patterns of access and policy dialogue



The databases provide access to just over 16,500 abstracted and indexed journals from all branches of science, technology, medicine, social sciences and humanities.


Management and library & information services journals. The service also provides access to leading titles in marketing, business disciplines, engineering, and materials science.

Gale Thompson

This database contains articles on Current Events, Economics, Education, History, Humanities, Literature and Art, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, Sociology, and more.

Henry Stewart Talks Online

HST Subject Strength: Biomedicine, Life Sciences, Marketing and Management collection.


Ethics, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Hematology, Human Anatomy, Immunology and Allergy, Infectious Diseases, Internal Medicine Law, General Microbiology, Ethics, Gastroenterology, Genetics Geriatrics, Gynecology and Obstetrics Hematology, Human Anatomy, Medicine, Nursing and many more… This database requires further logging.

IEEE/IET Electronic Library

IEEE/IET Electronic Library Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications, Computer Science; Architecture, Imaging Science & Photographic Technology, Robotics, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science Information Systems, Software Engineering, Remote Sensing and Artificial Intelligence. Currently non-subscribed.

Institute of Physics

Google Scholar provides a search of scholarly literature across many disciplines and sources


Economics, History, Political science, Archeology, African Studies, Music, Art & Art History, Business, Ecology & Botany, Language & Literature, Mathematics & Statistics

Law Africa

Kenya Law Journals Subject strengths: Articles, Bills, Case Search, Cause List, Legal Notices, Newsletters, and many more

LexisNexis Law Library

Lexis Library delivers thousands of trusted legal, tax, and regulatory sources, such as Butterworths, Halsbury’s Laws, Tolley’s, Harvey on Industrial Relations and Employment Law, and Civil Court Practice. Plus, wide-ranging primary source materials including all England Law Reports, Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents, Atkins Court Forms among others. This database is accessible through Hinari.

Online Kenyan Law Journals

Articles, Bills, Case Search, Cause List, Complete Laws of Kenya (Statutes & Subsidiary Legislation), Kenya Gazette, Legal Notices, Newsletters, Parliament and Practice Notes.

Mary Liebert

Biomedical Research, Life Sciences, Complementary, Engineering, Informatics, Law, Economics, Medicine, Surgery, and Nursing


Biotechnology, botany, climate change, ecology, energy, environmental chemistry, environmental economics, environmental engineering and planning, environmental law and policy, environmental toxicology and pollution, geography, geology, hydrology, meteorology, oceanography, urban planning, zoology


Biological Sciences, Medicine, Public Health and Epidemiology, Humanities, Social Sciences, Law, Economics, Business and Finance, Mathematics, Statistics, Computing, and Physics

Chemistry Journals

Royal Society of Chemistry

Biology, Biophysics, Chemical Science, Materials, Medicinal Drug Discovery and Physics high-impact journals and books


Subject Strengths: Humanities, Social Sciences, Scientific, Technical and Medical

Scientific Journals


Subject Strengths: Physical Sciences and Engineering, Life Sciences, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities.


Subject Strengths: Behavioral Sciences, Biomedical, and Life Sciences, Business and Economics, Chemistry and Material Sciences, Computer Sciences, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Engineering, Humanities, Social Sciences and Law, Mathematics, Medicine, Physics and Astronomy.


Information Science, Interdisciplinary Studies, Language & Literature, Law, Mathematics & Statistics, Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing & Allied Health, Museum, Heritage Studies & Visual Arts, Physical Sciences, Reference & Information Science, Social Sciences, Social Work, Sports, Leisure, Travel & Tourism and Urban Studies

Wiley Interscience

Wiley Interscience Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth, and Environmental Science, Education Engineering, Law Life Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics, Medicine and Healthcare, Physics and Astronomy, Polymers and Materials Science, Psychology, Social Sciences

UNESCO Publications

UNESCO Education; Natural Sciences; Social & Human Sciences; Cultural Sciences; Communication & Information; Climate Change; Biodiversity Initiative; Culture of Peace & Non-Violence; Dialogue among Civilizations; Education for Sustainable development; Foresight and Anticipation; Gender Equality; HIV and AIDS; ICT in Education; Africa Least Developed Countries; Post-Conflict and Post-Disaster Responses; Science Education; Small Island Developing States Youth