About us

Uhifadhi Centre, operating under the Kenya National Library Services, serves as a dedicated digitization lab specializing in converting physical informational materials into digital formats.

We provide high-quality digitization services for materials in various formats at Uhifadhi Centre. Our team of professionals employs state-of-the-art digitization equipment and follows industry best practices to seamlessly transform your hardcopy print materials into high-quality softcopy documents.

Why Digitize

• Quick and Easy Access
• Saving on Space and Cost
• Restoration of Damaged information materials
• Easy Sharing or Distribution
• Preservation of Rare information materials

What we Digitize








Why knls Uhifadhi Centre

  • We have a portfolio of hundreds of scans digitized for our virtual library
  • We offer individualized care to our clients
  • We are a trusted partner in preservation and records management
  • We have a well-equipped facility with hi-tech scanning technology
  • We have expertise in imaging and quality control

We collaborate closely with our data center team to guarantee both secure storage and convenient access to the digitized content.


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