Report Corruption

The Board encourages any employee, partners, library users or any member of public to forward any information on real or purported corruption within knls network. The information, may be provided in writing, by telephone, fax, email, websites, corruption reporting boxes, hotline or face to face to the relevant organs/persons at the Branch library/Department, knls Headquarters or Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission. Corruption reports could also be made anonymously to the relevant authorities.
Any reported case shall be analyzed and investigated.

Protection of Whistle Blowers

The Board shall ensure that person(s) making any corruption disclosures shall be protected against any reprisals or harmful action as a result of such disclosures. Therefore, all the information received by the Board and sources of such information shall be treated as highly confidential. If such information disclosing or hinting to such sources must be disclosed, it shall be with the consent of the person(s) who disclosed the information.

Avenues for reporting Corruption

  1. knls AG Director: 0757 878 119
    P.O Box 30573-00100 NAIROBI.
  2. 2. EACC: 020-2717-468
    P.O Box 61130-00200 NAIROBI.

Report Corruption Confidentially

Call to Report Corruption
You my use one of these hotline numbers to make your report
Use this form to make your confidential report
Your identity will be protected it is important for us to get some of your personal details for investigative and follow-up purposes.
You may also view our anti-corruption policy by downloading below:

Download Our Anti-Corruption Policy