Legal Deposit

The National Library Division (NLD) acts as the repository for legal deposits in accordance with the Books and Newspapers Act Chapter (CAP) 111 of the Laws of Kenya which facilitates preservation of the national imprint. The act gives the National Library the responsibilities is creation, acquisition, preserving and dissemination of local content on a global scale.

 According to books and newspaper Act (CAP 111)  statute law, Miscellaneous Amendment No. 22 of 1989,The publishers of every book printed and published in Kenya “shall before or within fourteen days after  publication of the book, at his own expense  deliver to the Registrar such number of copies thereof, not exceeding three in number. And in order to facilitate the publication of the national bibliography of Kenya under 4 (k) of the Kenya National Library Service Board Act, before or within fourteen days, deliver to the Director, Kenya National Library Service, two copies.

Kenya National Library Services encourages all publishers, either publishing companies or individual self publishers to voluntarily deliver two copies of their publications for preservation as a national resource for the library. This ensures that the National Library remains the public resource centre for the nation and also a national reference resource for anyone seeking information about our country.