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  • What is an ISBN?
  • What is the format of the ISBN?
  • Who can assign ISBNs to a publisher?
  • What are guidelines for the assignment of ISBNs to e-books ?
  • If I publish in two or more different file formats (e.g. epub, PDF) should I assign separate ISBNs?
  • Should different versions of the e-book that use the same file format (e.g. epub) have different ISBNs?
  • Assuming the same content, what are the features that distinguish different e-book products and determine whether separate ISBNs are required?
  • Is there a standard way of describing different product forms and DRM features?
  • If I provide a single master file to a conversion service and am not controlling the different combinations of file format and DRM provided by that service to retailers, should I assign an ISBN to that master file?
  • If my e-books are being supplied by a retailer that is the sole provider of e-books in a proprietary format that can only be bought it‘s own website (e.g. Amazon Kindle, Apple i-bookstore) and that retailer does not require ISBNs, should I assign ISBNs to
  • I provide an e-book conversion service to publishers but they are not providing separate ISBNs for each version that I generate. What should I do?
  • E-book reading devices offer different features such as type size, text to speech, bookmarking, colour etc. Although my content, file format and DRM are the same, the user experience varies according to the device used. How does this affect the assignmen
  • Should an enhanced e-book that includes audio, video or other additional content have a different ISBN from the standard e-book.
  • Can e-book “apps” (e.g. applications for iPhone, Android etc.) have ISBNs?
  • I am publishing two versions of an e-book, one without DRM and one with 'social' DRM that does not enforce any restrictions on the user (e.g. watermarking). Do I need two separate ISBNs?
  • How can all the different versions of an e-book be linked together?
  • How do I identify individual chapters or other parts of a book that I plan to make available separately?