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Stella Syombu, Mr. Timothy Mahea, Head of Marketing

Stella Syombua (left) from Safaricom Foundation handing over the plaque to Ms. Kaltuma Sama, Librarian incharge of Buruburu Library in the middle is Mr. Timothy Mahea, Head of Marketing

KNLS Buruburu branch on Friday 24th February 2023, received 15 computers from Safaricom Foundation under the initiative “NdotoZetuUwezoWetu.” This was a major boost toward the promotion of digital literacy and easy access to information among the library’s clientele. The donation was presented to the library by Stella Syombua Walya, Customer Experience Executive, Safaricom PLC. Access to information by community members is a crucial component of development in the digital economy, and libraries are central to this process. With modern equipment at their disposal, library clients will be better equipped to pursue their interests, conduct research, gain innovative and creative ideas, and improve their livelihoods. As more and more services move online, it is essential that all members of society have the skills and tools to access and use digital resources. Indeed, KNLS, as can be said of all public libraries, is an essential institution that provides critical resources and support to people of all ages and backgrounds.