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Retirees/Senior Citizens from Kinyambu find a second home at the Library

Retirees/senior citizens in Kinyambu have been meeting every Friday at the knls Kinyambu library for the last 10 years. The retirees club comprises 16 males and one female, whose husband passed on and she was given the option to continue with the grow in the place of her late husband.  Apart from socializing and merry-go-round activities where they contribute money, the members also read newspapers and they are involved in the various library activities. They have managed to buy chairs and tents which they rent out for income generating. However, they lend to the library free of charge to use for their events.

In the month of February 2018, the librarian-in-charge, who is also a member of the club and their coordinator, introduced use of e-readers to the members. They have a reading session after they finish their meetings every Monday. The librarian has also been organizing for relevant video shows on farming for the members. Great interest and enthusiasm has been registered among the club members in reading and discussing the books read.


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