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Mid-term monitoring for Digital Life Kenya project, 5th to 10th March 2018

The mid-term monitoring visits for this project were conducted by a team from knls and Good Things Foundation-UK, in six out of ten pilot sites/libraries. Kibera Library, which was not part of the pilot sites, was however covered in the monitoring programme due to its pro-activeness in the digital literacy activities. The six libraries included Naivasha, Gilgil, Silibwet, Kinyambu, Kangema and Timau. The highlight of the project was the awarding of certificates to the many people who had managed to complete the online courses within a very short time. During the visits, the partner was able to experience the different situations undergone by the pilot libraries in the course project implementation. They were also able to appreciate the efforts by the Librarians in mobilizing community members to enroll for the online learning. A few challenges were noted including low bandwidth in some libraries.

Outcomes of the program

  1. a)A total of 533 learners have enrolled in the Learn My Way platform since July 2017. Most of the learners have completed the online courses and received certificates.
  2. b)As evidenced in one of the branches, their approach of ensuring that persons living with disabilities were beneficiaries of the project was a remarkable success for the pilot phase of the project.
  3. c)A testimony from sisters Magdalene and Mercy were promised jobs at a major supermarket at Wote-Makueni county Headquarters on condition that they acquire a certificate in computer skills. They enrolled for Learn My Way platform courses and after acquiring the computer skills they presented their certificates to Managing Director of Ngooni Supermarket.  Their certificates were recognized and they were awarded the posts for data entry, where they are working up to today.’  Patrick Mutiso- Librarian, Kinyambu


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  1. Perhotelan

    Can you share some success stories of individuals who completed the online courses and received certificates? How has this impacted their lives?

  2. Teknik Informatika

    What are the results of the mid-term monitoring of the Digital Life Kenya project?

  3. Teknik Elektro

    What are the implications of the monitoring results?

  4. Teknik Industri

    What are the targets that the Digital Life Kenya project aims to achieve?

  5. Teknik Komputer

    What are the success indicators of the Digital Life Kenya project?

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