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Meru Library targets girls from poor communities in reading promotion

Meru library in partnership with I Choose Life Africa (an NGO) NGO are working on a project titled “Jielimishe” that will see girls from poor communities in Meru county have access to reading materials. The project aims at assisting 50 girls from 5 schools (10 girls from each) namely Bishop Lawi Secondary, Mulathankari Day Secondary, Ntakira Day Secondary, Kathithi Day Secondary and Gikumene Secondary School who travel for long distances to get to their respective schools, and they come from poor homes that have no electricity. On 7th February 2018, Meru Library gave the first batch of 50 books out of the 200 they have set aside for the project. The books had been donated to Meru library by the American Friends of Kenya. Jielimishe donated 50 solar lamps that the families of the target girls to enable them study even at night. Meru Library will also work closely with the teachers to monitor the school performance.

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