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KNLS Meru Staff Hold Breakfast Meeting with Uzury Empowerment Stakeholders

On April 3, 2023, the staff of KNLS Meru held a breakfast meeting with stakeholders from Uzury Empowerment, an organization dedicated to empowering girls in Meru County. The meeting aimed to create a sustainable curriculum for the Uzury program, which will now be fully managed by Meru library. During the meeting, the empowerment program was formerly handed over to the Meru Library. The objectives of the
programme include creating a cooperative community and building a strong bond between the organizations, among other key focus areas,

The breakfast meeting was attended by Mr. Richard Wanjohi, the Librarian in Charge at KNLS Meru, Stephanie and P.J Damico from the United States, a delegation from Watamu in Mombasa County, the mentees, and the volunteers of Uzury Empowerment. Mr. Wanjohi, who was the host, briefed the attendees on the various library activities, such as free computer basic skills training to Form 4 leavers, digital literacy training for people living with disabilities using Jaws software, learning circles program covering topics such as Design Thinking, Digital Marketing, Public Speaking, and nurturing youth talents in areas such as dancing, singing, fashion, and design. He also mentioned that children are taught how to write their own stories and create illustrations, which are then published online.

Fariah Laikipian, the Director of the House of Uzury, emphasized the importance of creating awareness and equipping girls with the necessary skills to realize their strengths in society. She highlighted the organization’s efforts in combating gender-based violence and supporting girls’ rights. She also noted that the program has resulted in improved moral values among the girls and promised that the status of girls will continue to be improved through collaborative efforts to achieve the organization’s motto and vision. Ms Laikipian expressed optimism that handing over the program to KNLS Meru library would safeguard its sustainability.

In conclusion, the Uzury Empowerment Hub has made a significant impact on society, with girls who have undergone the training already starting their own businesses and improving their social well-being. The partnership between Uzury Empowerment and KNLS Meru is expected to further enhance the program’s reach and sustainability, empowering more girls in Meru County and promoting gender equality.