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Kinyambu Library forms a Library Digital Club for the Community

Kinyambu Library has established a library digital club for Kinyambu community members comprising mostly the youth. The club was established on the footing of the Good Things Foundation Digital Life Project that was initiated in Kenya in July 2017. The project whose main focus is the ‘Learn My Way” digital literacy online courses has been received with notable enthusiasm at the Kinyambu Library. So far about 16 youth have graduated. During the quarter under review, the Librarian formed a library digital club which has attracted over 100 members from the community. So far, about 40 members have graduated in the digital literacy courses whose completion period has been from 3 weeks upwards depending on someone’s learning speed. Some members of the club including 16 who have completed the online courses, together with the library staff do mobilize the community to Learn My Way online platform.


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  1. Teknik Informatika

    How does the library digital club collaborate with other community stakeholders or organizations to support digital literacy initiatives?
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