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KNLS Eldoret Receives Book Donation to Enhance the Library’s Local Content

KNLS Eldoret recently book donation valued at $4,000 from Erin and Grace McBride, residents of Maryland, USA. This generous contribution includes a collection of 201 books specifically aimed at enriching the local content available at the library. The books focus on Swahili language and are designed to cater for learners of all ages, including both juniors and adults.

The two titles, namely “Swahili Book 1: Swahili for Beginners”, and “Swahili Book 2: Learn Swahili Easily,” will play a vital role in tin assisting people who are learning Swahili as a second language including foreigners n who are studying and working in Kenya. It is worth mentioning that the author of these books is a Kenyan citizen currently residing and working in the Netherlands. With their international appeal, these two titles have gained recognition for teaching Swahili language in various regions across Asia, Europe, and America. Adding to their prestige, the esteemed writer, Ngugi wa Thiong’o, has contributed a forward to these books. The books have been published by BoekenGilde for Educultural Travel in the Netherlands.

Knls Eldoret wish to express their heartfelt appreciation to Erin and Grace McBride for their remarkable generosity, noting that their contribution, will undoubtedly benefit numerous learners and contribute to enhanced cultural understanding among different communities.