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Training of librarians on digital transformation

In today’s business environment, digital transformation and cloud computing have become indispensable,
and libraries are no exception. Librarians therefore, need the requisite skills and knowledge to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of technology through digital transformation. In this regard, ICT officers from KNLS Uvumbuzi and Uhifadhi Centres conducted a training session for some of the Maktaba Kuu librarians on 23rd April 2023. This was aimed at empowering KNLS librarians to proficiently manage library resources, services, and operations in the digital era. With the acquired skills, the librarians are now equipped to effectively handle digital collections, e-books, and online databases. Furthermore, cloud computing offers an efficient and secure means of storing and accessing data from any location, at any time. It allows librarians to manage their services remotely and ensures seamless access to digital resources for library users. This means that KNLS librarians can now easily store, access, and share various data, including books, journals, research
papers, and other valuable resources.

The training will also enable the librarians to offer more efficient and effective services to library users, thereby enhancing the overall performance of the library. Additionally, they have been equipped with the knowledge of the latest trends in digital technology, allowing them to keep pace with the evolving needs of library users and stay up-to-date with the ever-changing technological landscape.