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Celebration of the Chinese New Year 16th February 2018

As a way of promoting and encouraging Kenyans to study the Chinese language, Nairobi Area Library who have a partnership with Hanban/Confucius Institute, joined in the Chinese New Year Celebrations. This year, the Chinese are celebrating the year of the dog which occupies the eleventh position in the Chinese Zodiac. It runs from February 16th 2018 to February 4th 2019. Hanban/Confucius Institute supported the establishment of the Chinese Corner at the Library through provision of books, audio CDs and Video DVD aimed at assisting people learn more about China, the Chinese language and their culture. To commemorate the event were students and teachers from St Nicholas Junior Academy that is one of the schools that is teaching Chinese language and Uhuru High School. Participants were encouraged to learn the Chinese language which indeed is becoming a business language globally. Those who were visiting the library for the first time were encouraged were taken for a library tour in order to appreciate the available facilities that they could utilize to better their lives. More programs are lined up to create awareness about the Chinese learning materials available at Nairobi Area Library at Community. Knls is equally partnering with learning institutions that are offering Chinese language programs.

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