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A Community-Based Scout Movement Launched



The official launch of the community-based scout movement took place on April 28, 2023, at the Kenya National Library Service Meru Branch. The event was attended by library staff and seventy-five junior readers. The guest of honor was Mr. Wilson Kinoti Mwiti, the Scout Trainer and Commissioner for Imenti.

During the launch, Mr. Mwiti expressed his delight in announcing the collaborative efforts between the Meru County Scouts Association and the Kenya National Library Service Meru. A welcoming that is specifically designed to engage and empower young people will be established in the library. This collaboration aims to strengthen the scout movement while promoting youth empowerment in the community. To spearhead this endeavor, Mr. Richard Wanjohi was appointed as the patron. His role entails coordinating library scout activities, organizing training programs, establishing partnerships and strategic alliances, and working towards increasing scout membership through the library platform.

The Kenya Scouts Association has partnered with the World Scout Movement (WOSM) to introduce an innovative project called ‘Capacity Building for Membership Growth.’ This pioneering initiative aims to train community-based scout leaders, enabling them to actively support school-based scout groups, rejuvenate inactive units, and establish new scout groups within local communities.

With the primary objective of fostering increased community engagement through community-based scouting initiatives, the Kenya Scouts Association envisions the participation of various community spaces such as chief camps, churches, mosques, temples, children’s homes, and libraries.

The community-based scout movement is driven by three key goals. First, it seeks to equip scouts with essential life skills that will contribute to their personal growth and development. Secondly, the movement aims to create a positive impact within the community by engaging scouts in meaningful community service activities. Lastly, it endeavors to provide non-formal education that complements the core curriculum offered in the formal education system.

This partnership marks a significant milestone in empowering Kenyan youth and fostering community development through scouting. By embracing a community-based approach, the Kenya Scouts Association and the World Scout Movement are actively nurturing well-rounded individuals equipped with essential life skills, while simultaneously making a positive and lasting difference within their respective communities.