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“I feel the need of reading, it is a loss to a man not to have grown up among books”
Abraham Lincoln

Libraries for Children are essential for development. It is in childhood that all kinds of literacy skills are best built. Early childhood literacy is important: the earlier a child starts to access information, the more efficient and life-long this access will be. Libraries for Children are the key to equal possibilities for all to access information.

The libraries equip children with lifelong learning and literacy skills, enabling them to participate and contribute to the community. Children’s libraries have a special responsibility to support the process of learning to read and to give children access to all media. They empower children and advocate for their freedom and safety. They encourage children to grow into confident and competent adults. They give children their first experience of being a citizen in their own right.

The clubs were a concept that developed out of a large number of children interested in learning through reading, interactive play, drama, storytelling, debate, games, and other media that are able to hold children’s attention. The clubs are anchored on two pillars of activities, i.e. Indoor and outdoor activities.

Club Activities

The club has both in-doors and out-doors activities that run on alternate Months. This provides a variety for the young readers to explore both worlds.

Some of the In-doors activities are:

Ages 3-7 years 8-14 years
Building blocks Talent show
Colouring Revision
Drawing Story reading
Parents/guardian story reading Movies
Play with toys Silent reading
Composition and insha
Poems/shahiri recitations
Spelling competitions
Annual Christmas Party sponsored by KNLS Board and the Parents Annual Christmas Party sponsored by KNLS Board and the Parents

Outdoor activities:

  • Picnics
  • Visit to National park drive 
  • Visit to Animal orphanage.  
  • Swimming
  • Tree planting (Karura Forest tree planting (to conserve the Environment)
  • Visit to National Museum.
  • Visit to production firm (visited GLAXO SMITH KLINE).
  • Recreation (watched a Movie at IMAX in Garden City Mall)

Below are some of the photos for both Tamko Na CS Amina book club and baby parent reading club.

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