1.0 Introduction

Internship in knls is a planned and structured programme that provides work experience for a specific period of time. It is directed at young people who have completed their college/university studies and are unemployed. It is a practical programme meant to develop and prepare the interns for registration with their respective professional bodies and future appointment in the labour market.

The programme allows young people the opportunity to consolidate and translate the skills learned from their training into a meaningful, relevant and practical on-the- job experience. It is also an avenue to connect with the world outside of studies and to gain insights for further growth and development either in education or work force. By being at the worksite, the interns get a first-hand perspective of the skills and attributes required for employment.

1.2 Objectives of the Internship Programme

The overall objective of the internship programme is to provide the youth with opportunity to gain experience in the world of work. Specifically, the programme aims to:

  1. Enhance youth development and employability by creating clear linkages between education,
  2. Training and work;
  3. Provide hands-on experience to build upon skills learned in the classroom;
  4. Fulfill the legal requirement for registration by professional bodies;
  5. Develop a culture of high-quality life-long learning, positive work habits and attitudes; and
  6. Establish a supply pipeline of skills to the labour market.
1.3 Declaration of Internship Opportunities

All internship opportunities in knls shall be declared to the Public Service Commission and knls Website.

1.4 Eligibility and Duration of Internship

The internship program is open to:

  1. Unemployed Kenyan graduates from training institutions who have completed their degree and
  2. Diploma courses and have not been exposed to work experience related to their area of study.
  3. Graduates of degree and diploma programs, for whom internship is a requirement for
  4. Registration by their respective professional bodies.
Eligibility will be based on the following criteria: 
  1. The internship program shall be for persons who have completed their training and graduated; and
  2. The internship shall be undertaken only once after graduating from a course.

The internship period shall be up to a maximum period of three (3) months, or the duration prescribed by the institution/professional body which regulates the profession in which the intern seeks registration.

1.5 Selection Criteria and Placement Procedures
1.5.1 Selection Criteria

Selection for interns shall be guided by the following:

  1. Merit and discipline;
  2. Age (18-35 years)
  3. Gender consideration;
  4. Ethnic and geographical representation;
  5. Disability status; and
  6. Minority and marginalized
1.5.2 Selection Procedures

Selection of interns shall be done through a competitive process and the following procedures shall apply:

  1. knls will advertise vacancies for interns either in daily newspapers, its website or through notices;
  2. the advertisement for internship vacancies shall include areas of specialization, number of interns required, location of engagement, duration of internship and deadline for application;
  3. the Human Resource Management Advisory Committee (HRMAC) will coordinate the interview and placement of interns; and
  4. the Head of Human Resource Department (HRD) will provide guidance on job posting and competency standards/requirements.
  1. knls Board shall not be under any obligation to employ the interns on completion of the internship programme. Interns, alongside other applicants, will compete for vacancies declared for filling by knls.
  2. knls shall engage a reasonable number of interns at any particular time.