The Junior section

The junior section serves children below the age of fifteen (15) years with a goal of inculcating reading at an early age. Some of the services provided include;

1. Baby/Parent book club - this is an innovative way of introducing kids to learning in a fun environment. Parents accompany their children to the library where they spend time reading and engaging in fun activities. The library has trained facilitators who guide the children through the sessions.

2. Indoor Games – children are able to have fun and bond with each other as they play games such as junior scrabble, building blocks, and computer games among others. There are also a variety of toys available for the children. The idea is to present reading as a fun and enjoyable activity and help inculcate a reading culture at an early age. 

3. Story Telling – the library organizes story telling sessions on various areas that are of interest to children. The objective of these sessions is to inculcate positive values in the young minds and enable them have a solid foundation as they start out in life. 

4. Reading and writing competitions