Digitization Services

knls offers digitization solutions to suit all the customer needs. We are a perfect one stop solution in conversion of all your hard copy documents to digital content while preserving their current state. The documents are availed in various formats that clients require and in top notch quality. Digitization allows easy storage, retrieval, sharing and access of information without the occupation of physical space.

At knls, we offer you the following services:

  1. Document collection & Sorting
  2. Document scanning – letter, legal, large-format paper and archival manuscript (up to A3)
  3. Maps and plans – large format papers up to A0.
  4. Book Scanning – Automatic book scanning solution
  5. Image Scanning – Photos and paintings
  6. Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Benefits include; increased efficiency, physical space optimization, easy collaboration (document sharing) and become environmentally friendly.

Declutter your spaces by digitizing your content and optimize your storage space.