Isuzu E.A. Ltd and Palmhouse Foundation Launch an Education Funds Drive at the knls – 17th January 2018
Knls hosted the Isuzu E.A. Ltd. in conjunction with Palmhouse Foundation during their launch of a 100 million shillings’ endowment funds drive to support the needy students have access to quality education. The event provided an opportunity for knls to raise its profile among the Isuzu and Palmhouse stakeholders.  Present during the launch was Isuzu E.A. Managing Director Ms. Rita Kavashe, knls CEO Richard Atuti and Palmhouse Foundation Founder, Eric Kimani, who is the author of the book titled “Wisdom for Abundant Living” published in 2012. Mr. Atuti commended the two organizations for the good work of touching lives. Mr. Eric Kimani who said he had used the Nairobi Area library about 42 years ago, termed this as a “fantastic” moment for him to come back to a well done library. Isuzu MD appreciated knls for agreeing to host the event. Isuzu East Africa donated 10 copies of the book to the Nairobi Area Library during the event. On request equally from the knls Director, Isuzu East Africa through their Managing Director promised to purchase another 620 copies to be distributed to all other knls branches so that each branch has ten copies of the book.

Usalama Bora Forum Held on 27th February 2018 at the American Corner, knls Nakuru  
Two of knls libraries i.e. Nakuru and Naivasha are partnering with the Kenya Police so as to improve the security of Kenyans. During the last quarter, Nakuru Library in partnership with the Kenya Police organized a forum dubbed “Usalama Bora” at the library hall on 27th February 2018.   The forum was attended by about 80 participants, mostly the youth. They had an interactive and bold conversation about some of the issues they usually have with the Police, including corruption, poor communication skills, lack of professionalism, excessive use of force and the abuse of power. Members of the public were able to interact freely with the police officers, ask questions and engage in meaningful discussions on issues about the police service in a safe environment free from any form of retribution. The theme of this forum was “how do we perceive the Police and what is the reason behind it?”
The Police also took advantage of the forum to educate the public about issues of security and the need for them to cooperate with the Police force so as to appropriately deal with the crime.

Celebration of the Chinese New Year 16th February 2018
As a way of promoting and encouraging Kenyans to study the Chinese language, Nairobi Area Library who have a partnership with Hanban/Confucius Institute, joined in the Chinese New Year Celebrations. This year, the Chinese are celebrating the year of the dog which occupies the eleventh position in the Chinese Zodiac. It runs from February 16th 2018 to February 4th 2019. Hanban/Confucius Institute supported the establishment of the Chinese Corner at the Library through provision of books, audio CDs and Video DVD aimed at assisting people learn more about China, the Chinese language and their culture. To commemorate the event were students and teachers from St Nicholas Junior Academy that is one of the schools that is teaching Chinese language and Uhuru High School. Participants were encouraged to learn the Chinese language which indeed is becoming a business language globally. Those who were visiting the library for the first time were encouraged were taken for a library tour in order to appreciate the available facilities that they could utilize to better their lives. More programs are lined up to create awareness about the Chinese learning materials available at Nairobi Area Library at Community. Knls is equally partnering with learning institutions that are offering Chinese language programs.

Boda Boda Riders’ Forums held at the knls libraries - March 2018
Kwale and Nakuru Libraries have formed partnerships with the Boda Boda Riders, comprising mostly the youth. In the spirit of transforming livelihoods, the knls libraries provide the riders with a forum where they can meet and mobilize resources to enable them uplift their living standards. As they hold their meetings at the library premises, the librarians also take such opportunities to discuss with the riders about the many services that they and their families can access in the library. In Nakuru, the riders hold their meeting every Friday. In Kwale the riders together with Tuk Tuk drivers have enrolled for in the Peer 2 Peer online basic computer courses. All our branches are committed to supporting the empowerment of communities through the use of library resources and information materials for the betterment of livelihoods.
Retirees/Senior Citizens from Kinyambu find a second home at the Library
Retirees/senior citizens in Kinyambu have been meeting every Friday at the knls Kinyambu library for the last 10 years. The retirees club comprises 16 males and one female, whose husband passed on and she was given the option to continue with the grow in the place of her late husband.  Apart from socializing and merry-go-round activities where they contribute money, the members also read newspapers and they are involved in the various library activities. They have managed to buy chairs and tents which they rent out for income generating. However, they lend to the library free of charge to use for their events.

 In the month of February 2018, the librarian-in-charge, who is also a member of the club and their coordinator, introduced use of e-readers to the members. They have a reading session after they finish their meetings every Monday. The librarian has also been organizing for relevant video shows on farming for the members. Great interest and enthusiasm has been registered among the club members in reading and discussing the books read.

Launch of E-readers at knls Kilifi – 10th March 2018
Knls Kilifi e-readers launch took place at the library grounds on Saturday 10th March 2018 in an event that was attended by over three hundred people. The chief guest was the Assistant Deputy County Commissioner Kilifi North Sub County, Mr John Maina. Other key guests included Worldreader Country Director Joan Mwachi and Worldreader Coast Coordinator Austin Okoth were also present to grace the launch. They had an opportunity to engage the County ICT Manager Mr Karema Mlewa in conversation on how the County government can support the programme. Some of the other partners involved in the event included the Rotary Club of Kilifi, County Government of Kilifi, Longhorn Publishers, Imarika Sacco, Red Cross, Worldvision, Strengthening Community Partnership and Empowerment (SCOPE), Moving the Goalpost (MTG) and Kesho Organization. Activities conducted included read aloud, spelling activities, public speaking and fun activities like tug of war and musical chairs. Children expressed excitement in the use of the devices that light, contain lots of books, easy to switch between books and are easy to navigate through the pages. The chief guest Mr Maina observed that the use of the devices has enhanced the reading experience of the library users as well as increased access to more books for leisure reading. The library shall continue conducting outreach programs to the nearby learning institutions and to the communities and key organizations like children homes and special schools.
International Women’s Day - Meru
To commemorate the international women's day on 8th March 2018, Meru library launched the world reader Anasoma project at ripples international in Meru which focuses on saving abandoned babies, securing girls who undergo sexual abuse, early marriages and FGM. The library formed a reading club with the disadvantaged girls aged 6 -17 years and donated 60 books. The library committed to be holding monthly e -reading outreach sessions using Worldreader kindles. This programme will be aimed using the power of stories to chip away the old norms and build new ones to help these traumatised girls regain their purpose in life and develop a positive reading culture.

Kisumu Library Trains teacher librarians    
Kisumu Library has been working with various learning institutions with a view to Fast-track the culture of reading among the in the community. During the quarter under review, Kisumu Librarians organized a one-day training for teacher librarians from Homabay County at Ndhiwa Resource Centre on 30th March 2018. This is one in a series of training programmes planned to empower teacher-librarians in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Institutions within the larger western region. The programmes are aimed at promoting the integration of ICTs in the respective library services. Over 50 teacher-librarians attended the training.  The next such training is scheduled to take place at Migori county.

Meru Library targets girls from poor communities in reading promotion
Meru library in partnership with I Choose Life Africa (an NGO) NGO are working on a project titled “Jielimishe” that will see girls from poor communities in Meru county have access to reading materials. The project aims at assisting 50 girls from 5 schools (10 girls from each) namely Bishop Lawi Secondary, Mulathankari Day Secondary, Ntakira Day Secondary, Kathithi Day Secondary and Gikumene Secondary School who travel for long distances to get to their respective schools, and they come from poor homes that have no electricity. On 7th February 2018, Meru Library gave the first batch of 50 books out of the 200 they have set aside for the project. The books had been donated to Meru library by the American Friends of Kenya. Jielimishe donated 50 solar lamps that the families of the target girls to enable them study even at night. Meru Library will also work closely with the teachers to monitor the school performance.

Kinyambu Library forms a Library Digital Club for the Community
Kinyambu Library has established a library digital club for Kinyambu community members comprising mostly the youth. The club was established on the footing of the Good Things Foundation Digital Life Project that was initiated in Kenya in July 2017. The project whose main focus is the ‘Learn My Way” digital literacy online courses has been received with notable enthusiasm at the Kinyambu Library. So far about 16 youth have graduated. During the quarter under review, the Librarian formed a library digital club which has attracted over 100 members from the community. So far, about 40 members have graduated in the digital literacy courses whose completion period has been from 3 weeks upwards depending on someone’s learning speed. Some members of the club including 16 who have completed the online courses, together with the library staff do mobilize the community to Learn My Way online platform.  
Nairobi Area Library’s Parent-Baby Book Club Continues to Shine - 19th March 2018
The Parent-Baby Book Club established by Nairobi Area about 10 years ago 2008 has continued to shine while at the same time popularising the library among both children and parents. The club whose membership comprise the parents and children aged 0-3 years, boasts of a number of activities meant to inculcate the love of reading and the love of library among the children. Some of the activities that characterize the book club include:
i.    Parents reading for the very young children
ii.    Reading competitions
iii.    Indoor games
iv.    Story telling
v.    Poem recitals
vi.    Outdoor games such as swimming, tree-planting at Karura forest, visiting various organizations such as NACADA.

On 19th March 2018, Nairobi Area Library organized a Baby Parent Club meeting at the Library’s Junior Section. The party was attended by over 70 Children, 30 parents and Nairobi area library staff.  The party is organized by parents, who contribute to foot the budget. The parents also use their contacts to secure places/organizations for the children’s visits and outdoor activities. In the next quarter, the club members will visit the UN Offices at Gigiri. The parents hold meetings with the library staff to strategize on the best way forward.

Nakuru Library
Through the American corner support, several courses based on life skills have been conducted at the Nakuru Library. In March 2018, the library in partnership with US Embassy organized a 3-day workshop on entrepreneurship dubbed “VISTA.” The training which was facilitated by a team from the Embassy led by George Kamau attracted 32 participants who included entrepreneurs and students from Nakuru Town. Participants were taken through a practical process of coming up viable business ideas and trading to emerge profitable after taking care of all the bills, taxes and statutory deductions. In addition, participants learnt how to deal with personal issues that could affect their businesses.
“When I came for the training, I expected it to be just another of those boring entrepreneurial sessions. I was however surprised when I realized it was more of helping me understand myself as an individual, know myself, my strengths and weaknesses, and what has been holding me down,” said Margret one of the participants.

Digital Literacy Summit, 6th March 2018, Nairobi
Knls is working on a digital literacy pilot with 10 libraries in partnership with Good Things Foundation-UK, a leading digital inclusion Charity that supports people to grow their essential digital skills to overcome social challenges.  Digital Life Kenya project aims at bridging the gap between digital literacy and illiteracy by ensuring that people are equipped with the most basic of IT skills.
knls, Good Things Foundation and Huawei co-hosted a Digital Literacy Summit in Nairobi for partners to share their work on social and digital literacy, hear about research and global trends, and come together to make connections and explore ideas about what to do next. The event brought together stakeholders from the public, charitable and telecommunications sectors, who have an interest in digital literacy in Kenya and at the global level. During the summit, knls shared some of the experiences and lessons learned from the pilot project in the 10 libraries.

Continuous Professional Development / Train-Of-Trainers (CPD/ToT) Initiative in Kenya
knls in partnership with Electronic Information for Libraries (EIFL) has rolled out a capacity building programme/ToT initiative that will support Continuous Professional Development of Public Librarians with the aim of enhancing service delivery in the libraries. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to create a cohort of local trainers who are embedded in institutional CPD system to meet ongoing training needs of library staff across knls network. Twenty (20) trainees have been selected to form the first cohort of knls trainers and will go through 6 training sessions that will run until March 2019.

The first training session on General Training Abilities (ToT) & Mobile Information Literacy (MIL) was held on 12th to 16th March 2018 in Nakuru. The training was facilitated by a team of Trainers and coaches from knls, EIFL, African Library and Information Association and Institution (AfLIA) and Technology & Social Change Group (TASCHA).

Mid-term monitoring for Digital Life Kenya project, 5th to 10th March 2018
The mid-term monitoring visits for this project were conducted by a team from knls and Good Things Foundation-UK, in six out of ten pilot sites/libraries. Kibera Library, which was not part of the pilot sites, was however covered in the monitoring programme due to its pro-activeness in the digital literacy activities. The six libraries included Naivasha, Gilgil, Silibwet, Kinyambu, Kangema and Timau. The highlight of the project was the awarding of certificates to the many people who had managed to complete the online courses within a very short time. During the visits, the partner was able to experience the different situations undergone by the pilot libraries in the course project implementation. They were also able to appreciate the efforts by the Librarians in mobilizing community members to enroll for the online learning. A few challenges were noted including low bandwidth in some libraries.

Outcomes of the program
a)    A total of 533 learners have enrolled in the Learn My Way platform since July 2017. Most of the learners have completed the online courses and received certificates.
b)    As evidenced in one of the branches, their approach of ensuring that persons living with disabilities were beneficiaries of the project was a remarkable success for the pilot phase of the project.
c)    A testimony from Kinyambu Library
‘Two sisters Magdalene and Mercy were promised jobs at a major supermarket at Wote-Makueni county Headquarters on condition that they acquire a certificate in computer skills. They enrolled for Learn My Way platform courses and after acquiring the computer skills they presented their certificates to Managing Director of Ngooni Supermarket.  Their certificates were recognized and they were awarded the posts for data entry, where they are working up to today.’  Patrick Mutiso- Librarian, Kinyambu
Refurbishment of Gilgil Library
Gilgil Library has received support from the Rotary Club of Nairobi to build a reading shed and a toilet block. This donation is a follow up by the Rotarians who donated books and equipment to the Library in 2017. The resources have been raised in US through Mr. Larry Donahoo, patron of Lift Up Africa Foundation, a US based NGO. A meeting was held with the representatives of the Rotary club and the architect to finalize on the proposed design of the project. The project will be implemented by the Rotarians in consultation with knls

AfLIA Leadership Academy for Public Librarians Workshop 16th – 18th January 2018
The African Library & Information Associations & Institutions (AfLIA) in collaboration with the Public Library Association (PLA)  of USA has established the AfLIA Leadership Academy, a leadership enhancement programme for African public library leaders at middle management level. The programme is funded by the Global Libraries Initiative of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The AfLIA Leadership Academy inaugural workshop for 12 young Librarians from 7 Countries in Africa (Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Ghana, Gambia, Namibia, Nigeria) was held in Nairobi on 16th to 21st January 2018 at the Laico Regency. Knls is represented by Jemimah Wangeci-Kangema and Miriam Mureithi-Thika.
The workshop was facilitated by Library Leaders and Coaches from AFLIA, knls and the Global Libraries Initiative.

Knls convened a session on Community Engagement at the National Library of Kenya on Thursday, 18th January 2018. Deborah Jacobs, who spoke on behalf of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation emphasized on the need to develop partnerships at all levels, and to ensure that librarianship had value and worth in the lives of the people it targeted. AfLIA President, Dr. John TSebe challenged the participants to take responsibility, take initiative and be willing to contribute to the “Africa they want.” Through this program, knls had an opportunity to host, share experience and network with Library leaders from other Countries. The forum was a platform for the mentees to look inward, and prepare for the start of a 9-month period that entailed rigorous mentorship that will culminate in the mentees graduation in September 2018.       

The International Network of Emerging Library Innovators – Sub Saharan Africa (INELI-SSAf) Programme
A 2-year INELI Sub-Saharan Africa Program for Public Librarians will commence in May 2018. Four (4) Librarians from knls (Raymond Chepkwony, Elizabeth Keitany, Beatrice Salai, Jennifer Otama) are among the 34 innovators that were selected to participate in this program. Within the 2-year period, participants will attend 3 face-to-face convening and in between they will carry out tasks, some of them online, with the guidance of a Mentor. The 1st convening will be held in Accra, Ghana from 12th – 16th May 2018, the 2nd in June 2019 and the 3rd in June 2020 in different countries. Knls encourages the young librarians to take advantage of such opportunities that are important in their professional development. Knls Board has incorporated budgetary support for librarians to participate in international capacity building programs whenever possible in order to strengthen internal skills capacity and mentor leaders from within the organization.

Africa Data Project Meeting, Ghana 26th February to 1st March 2018
African Library and Information Association and Institution (AfLIA) & Technology & Social Change Group (TASCHA) hosted a meeting on Africa Data Project in Accra, Ghana. Participants were drawn from the following countries in Africa: South Africa, Cameroon, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, Botswana, Benin, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea Bissau, Burundi, Kenya, Seychelles, Angola and AfLIA partners namely EIFL, TASCHA & World reader. Kenya was represented by Purity Kavuri from knls. The Africa Data Project, focused on; how to increase the understanding of the presence and data environment of public and community libraries on the African continent, and secondly, the role of partners in helping to develop and implement solutions to data challenges in the Library sector.  
Each country presented a report on how they collect, use and share data. It was sad to note that most of the African countries do not collect data on Libraries apart from South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya. During the meeting, it was agreed that:
a)    The Ministers/Cabinet Secretaries in charge of libraries would be invited for the July 2018 Public libraries summit in Durban - South Africa, so as to be sensitized on the role of libraries in supporting the AU Agenda & SGDs.
b)    The Directors of the National/Public libraries in African countries should accompany their respective Ministers/Cabinet Secretaries.  
c)    The Africa Data on public libraries will be shared.