Kenya National Library Service (knls) hosted the New Regional Information Resource Officer posted at the American Embassy in Nairobi, Ms Alka Bhatngagar on the . She was accompanied by the American Reference Centre (ARC) Director, George Kamau and American Corner Coordinators from Djibuti, Zanzibar and Tanzania. She was received by the knls Director Mr. Richard Atuti who briefed her about knls and its operations. Knls enjoys a partnership with the American Embassy through the establishment of American Corners in two of its public libraries; knls Kisumu Branch and knls Nakuru Branch. Through this partnership, knls has benefited through books, playaway gadgets, computers, photocopiers, printers, e-granaries and support in organizing activities among others. Library patrons within those regions have heavily patronised the library due to the e-resources available for students, researchers, trainers, farmers and general knowledge materials. The e-granary provides over thirty million databases of resource materials that are available offline.

In addition, internet connection speed were greatly enhanced thereby creating opportunities for researchers, self taught entrepreneurs through access to online information and opportunities for interaction through skype, email and blogs. Various entrepreneurs have also had a chance to sell their products online and children have had a guided interaction with electronic devices that connect to the internet. Students from the Kenya Medical Training College in Kisumu have benefited through the access of online databases on the medical field. Various library patrons are full of praise of the eGranary that has been of great help to them as they do their research, assignments and dissertations during their studies. Knls values this partnership since it has had a real positive impact in the empowerment of communities as well as created lots of awareness about the existence of the wonderful resources to those that are within the region leading to high patronage of the library.