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Digital Literacy Summit, 6th March 2018, Nairobi

Knls is working on a digital literacy pilot with 10 libraries in partnership with Good Things Foundation-UK, a leading digital inclusion Charity that supports people to grow their essential digital skills to overcome social challenges.  Digital Life Kenya project aims at bridging the gap between digital literacy and illiteracy by ensuring that people are equipped with the most basic of IT skills.

knls, Good Things Foundation and Huawei co-hosted a Digital Literacy Summit in Nairobi for partners to share their work on social and digital literacy, hear about research and global trends, and come together to make connections and explore ideas about what to do next. The event brought together stakeholders from the public, charitable and telecommunications sectors, who have an interest in digital literacy in Kenya and at the global level. During the summit, knls shared some of the experiences and lessons learned from the pilot project in the 10 libraries.

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