Visit by the Barrie and Jean Berkley to knls Kibera Library

knls Kibera Library is set to expand its services in order to offer more empowerment and knowledge to the residents of Kibera slum. With support received from the Berkeley Trust, the library is set to complete the remaining part of the first floor. The construction works are on-going and furniture for use in that facility has already been acquired. As a result of the expansion, there will be more space for the readers and Practical Action (knls Partner) who will offer their knowledge node services at the resource centre. Barrie and Jean Berkleyvisited knls Kibera Library on 13th January 2013 to evaluate the progress at the resource centre and to express their commitment in empowering the community through knowledge.

Various children who patronize the library gave testimonials of how the library had offered them a conducive environment to undertake their studies. As a result, some of them performed very well in the recently announced Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) results and were eagerly waiting to join secondary schools of their choice. The resource centre offered them books that they needed, comfortable and exciting reading spaces as well as innovative knowledge resources through the computer tablets.

The tablets which are preloaded with curriculum content, quizzes, timed exams, general knowledge information and games enabled them to be exposed to technology and offered them a new learning platform. The tablet programme was an initiative of Electronic Information for Libraries (EIFL) which has brought a new revolutionised reading experience to children within the Kibera community.

knls Kibera Library was established through funding from the Berkley Trust initiated by Barrie and Jean Berkley. This was after they received compensation from Libya after their son Alistair David Berkley lost his life during the Lockerbie bombing of Pan Am Flight. The Family felt it necessary to remember him through the establishment of the community empowerment centre since Alistair strongly fought against injustices in the society. The Kenya National Library Service commends the family for their efforts and appreciates that it’s a lesson to all, that we give value to our lives by touching the lives of the vulnerable in our society.

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