Kibera Report: Story telling Day 22nd March 2014 at Olsidai Gardens

Kibera Community Library held a reading campaign during the World story telling day on 22nd March 2014 at the Olsidai Garden in Rongai (Olkejiado County). The aim was to create fun, tell stories and play games as well as have excitement in reading amongst children in order to nurture reading culture and become life-long readers.

Kibera library collaborated with the following institutionsOlsidai Gardens Pepsi, and Moran Publishers to organize the World story telling day. The institutions supported the event through contributing in different ways.  The ceremony was presided over by Dr. Dominic Mwenja from Miramar University (California) who is a cultural attaché of nurturing and promoting reading culture in the country.

The theme of the World Storytelling Day 2014 was ‘Dragons & Monsters’ and the theme of the day was: ‘Encouraging reading and transforming Lives through reading and stories".The event was aimed at celebrating children’s talents and thirst for knowledge through performing different activities around books and stories.

The picturesque environment at the well-manicured Olsidai Garden employed a wonderful opportunity for children to enjoy nature’s capturing beauty that the venue exhaustively offers.Organized activities like storytelling, dancing, reading aloud and spelling marked the event and made it a special day for the children to enjoy their childhood. The children alsoparticipated in competitive challenges including drawing, coloring and composition writing, after which they were awarded gifts with respect to the adroitness of their performances. Through the event the children were able to interact with their peers from different schools invited.

The following schools from Kibera attended the function:

·         Imani Education Centre

·         Kindstar Academy

·         St. Charles Lwanga

·         Hope Academy

·         Joy springs Education Centre

·         Nazarene Education Centre

·         St. Christine Education Centre

·         Lang’ata West Primary School

·         Anajali Primary

·         LAPCA Education Home

Schools from Rongai that attended the function included:                                                    

·         Jesha Academy

·         The Blessed Jada Academy

·         Beacon of Hope

·         Prime Junior

The purpose of taking children to Olsidai during the world story telling day was to:

·         Promote Reading culture through stories

·         Create awareness that stories promote reading

·         Promote use of stories through being creative

·         Interaction between Schools from kibera slums and rural urban schools from Rongai through competitions

A total of 540 children were involved whereby 320 children were from Kibera and 220 were from Rongai. The children from Kibera were transported to Rongai by a sponsor who paid for the buses. 32 teachers also attended the function from the above schools. A large number of community members from Rongai joined the schools for the function.

For the children, it was an important day to showcase their talents and to learn from each other through play and constructive competition. For the teachers and parents who attended the function, it was a day for them to witness the young ones creativity and to make them feel appreciated and special through entertaining them also.

Dr Mwenja from California Miramar University, who was the guest of honor, encouraged children to read as many books as they could because books not only edify the mind but also offer a chance for the reader to travel all over the world. He encouraged the community at large to persuade and cultivate for the reading culture in our country mostly to the children. He crowned the event by awarding all the children who attended the function with story books donated by his friends and other organizations from California in USA.

He informed all the participants that the future belongs to those who believe in their dreams. He told them to work hard to achieve their dreams and encouraged the children to develop reading culture. He told the children to learn in order to be smart because citizens are contributors to the society. Parents and teachers were req

uested to invest in their children’s education by encouraging them to use the library.

The librarian informed the children, teachers and parents that it is through stories and reading that people learn about new ideas hence innovativeness which assists in improving standards of living. She also encouraged the children to work hard in order to embrace reading and realize their dreams which will help them to have a bright future.

The event ended with a rousing skit by children from Anajali primary school calling for their peers to become members of their nearest library, embrace books and tablets hence become good readers. Later a prayer was conducted by one of the teachers and the event ended at 6.15 p.m.

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