Kids extravaganza

knls Kids Extravaganza

knls Buruburu library played host to the knls Kids Extravaganza that was held on 23rd April 2016, an event whose objective was to expose the children to different environments, giving them an opportunity to interact, share and have fun. The program is meant to expose children to new ideas, enhance their public speaking skills and boost their confidence while interacting with enormous collection of information resources at the library. Over a hundred and fifty children book club patrons drawn from Kibera Branch, Nairobi Area Branch and Buruburu Branch converged at the junior section of Buruburu Library at Mezzanine floor. Also in attendance, were junior library patrons from Buruburu branch.

Teachers and librarians from different branches were also there to support the scheduled activities of the day. The event was filled with pomp and colour with kids actively participating in the event and showing their talents. With a schedule of activities in hand, Jeremiah the Nairobi Area Library book club animator took lead in ensuring that there was a smooth flow and transition of activities of the day.

The day begun with face painting by the Kids and storytelling activities led by John Mukeni Titi of Zamaleo Act and Jeremiah Amabassah of Artist Forum International. The stories were very captivating and kids listened attentively to him. Thereafter, they were asked questions about the characters in the story and asked to explain why the characters did certain things. This was a great way to gauge their listening skills, their intuition and creativity in coming up with certain conclusions. Other activities during the kids extravaganza included trivial (question and answer) sessions, spoken word, poems, mashairi, writing, colouring, reading, singing, dancing and crazy Olympics which involved egg on spoon run, sack racing, skipping rope and hula hoop swinging, fashion show among others.

Competitions were organized where the three library branches competed against each other and prices awarded to all the winners according to merit. The winner of the poem category was a very young girl of six years who recited the poem eloquently and with the emotions that came with the poem’s message. The same girl had also entered various categories of participation including dancing and fashion show. The sister and the brother also participated in other competitions which was a clear demonstration of parental support in building child confidence. The mother of the three children was among the parents who were part of the event from the start to finish. It was indeed a great moment to see the presentations made by various children and the talents being nurtured at a young age. Controlling the over excitement of the children was an uphill task, necessitating the need to remind them of good habits of well behaved children. Parents, teachers and librarians were easily able to spot talents and abilities of children that need to be further developed. Very young kids, as little as five years had a lot to share which was indeed a positive encouragement to the older kids.

While addressing the participants, the Children Librarian Kaltuma Bonaya encouraged the parents to ensure that their children attend the library events and activities so as to learn from others, interact and have fun with books. She informed the other children who were not book club members on the need to join the group and the meeting times for the different groups.

As the extravaganza came to a close, all children were awarded with prizes in form of story books and exercise books for their involvement in the exercise. Thereafter, assorted refreshments were served to all where lots of excitement, enjoyment and fun activities continued after the event.