Participation in the Churchill Kids Festival at Carnivore grounds

Churchill Kids Festival is an event that seeks to promote reading and learning among children, exploration of children talent as well are help children embrace reading as an exciting activity. Knls Participated in the event on 3rd September 2016 which was hosted at Carnivore Grounds where over 8,000 children and 3,000 adults. The event was filled with lots of fun activities hosted by various exhibitors and participants in the event. At the knls stand, fun activities included painting, colouring, read aloud events, public speaking, singing, dancing, and spelling competitions. Children who exhibited exemplary performance were rewarded. A lot of interest and enthusiasm was also recorded among the small children especially with their great interest in picture books and educative toys. The librarians participating in the event were drawn from Knls Kibera, Nairobi Area and Buruburu libraries. Through interactions with parents and guardians of the children present, the librarians were able to have fruitful interactions with parents.

In order to make reading interesting to young children, it is important to integrate the same with fun and excitement. As they grow up, they shall appreciate its importance and have the drive to do it on their own without it being pushed on them.


Launch of the e-Readers program – knls Timau


Timau Library benefited with 50 e-reader devices from the current partnership program between knls and Worldreader dubbed “Libraries E-reading Activities and Partnership (LEAP)”. The librarians equally received training on how to manage the devices, install recommended updates and assist library patrons on their use. As part of awareness creation and promotion of their usage, a launch activity was held on 23rd November 2016 at the library where the library committee members, stakeholders in the education sector and opinion leaders within the region were also invited. Charles Kabugi the Vice Chairman of the Library Committee expressed his joy in seeing that knls continually brought new to programs to the library which has helped in increasing the usage of the facility and he promised to support the awareness initiatives through his interaction with neighbours, teachers of different schools and churches. The program was successfully launched at the centre where the visitors got to learn a lot on how they can benefit from the devices. In addition, the community members lauded the efforts of the two institutions in working hard to offer exciting reading and learning partnerships to the library users in the region. Mr. Joseph Kigweta, the director of Good Shepherd Digital Academy said that more pupils from his school had enrolled to become library members after the devices were introduced in the library, as evidenced by the number of endorsement on the library membership sought by the pupils.

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Knls Kisumu Branch Scoops top position at Maktaba Awards 2016


The knls Kisumu Branch emerged top by winning the overall prize in this year’s Maktaba’s Library of the Year Award (LOYA) program. For the library to get to such a level of recognition, the staff have worked hard in delivering services that have a positive impact on people’s lives. The award program seeks to recognize excellence in the provision of Library and information services among libraries in Kenya. It also promotes a culture of continuous improvement in order to ensure that libraries always remain responsive to the ever changing customer needs. Through the overall win by knls Kisumu branch, it is clear that Kenya National Library Service is committed to rendering of quality services to the customers as well as transforming the lives of member communities.


HIV Awareness Training Forum

HIV Awareness Training Forum

The Kenya National Library Service organized a HIV awareness forum which took place on 21st April 2016 at its headquarters in Buruburu. The Human Immunodeficiency Virus, abbreviated as HIV is the virus that causes AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). HIV touches the lives of children and families in every part of our country with the western part being severely affected.The program was aimed at raising awareness of HIV among teenagers and young adults through informing them facts about HIV, promoting self responsibility, reduce stigma associated with HIV positive people and teaching them how to avoid HIV which to date still remains an incurable disease. Global statistics indicate that there were an estimate 2 million people who got infected with HIV in the year 2015. Even though it was a decline as compared to the previous year, more effort needs to put in place to deal with the epidemic. According to statistics in Kenya, the rate of infection among teenagers and young adults within the age group of 12 – 24 years has increased hence the need to raise awareness among people within this age bracket.

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