Library Collection and Organization

The library contains Print and non-print formats

Print formats

  • Books
  • Periodicals - Daily local newspapers, Local and international magazines
  • Government publications
  • Charts and maps

Non-print formats

  • E-resources
  • Audio-Visual materials include: Cassette tapes, DVDs, CDs, etc
  • Talking and Braille books for sight challenged users
  • Toys and indoor games

The library information materials are selected and acquired annually based on our collection development policy. Clients’ information needs and suggestions are always taken into consideration.

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Borrowing rules

  • Only registered members are allowed to borrow information materials for use outside the library.
  • Registered members will be issued with an identification card which shall be used in accessing the library and borrowing books. In Libraries where automation has not been effected, members will be issued with two borrowing pockets, whereby users will have to surrender a pocket to borrow a book.
  • If a member loses the electronic card, he/she will be required to pay Kshs. 50 for replacement. In the case of un-automated libraries, if a member loses the identification card or any of the borrowing pockets, he/she will be required to pay Kshs. 20 for replacement of each.
  • Members are allowed to borrow two books for a period of two weeks inclusive of weekends and public holidays.
  • Borrowed materials may be renewed once.
  • Renewal and reservation can be done online in some branches.
  • Reserve copies are only used within the library on request.
  • Short loan materials shall be loaned out for three days (NOT RENEWED). Overdue for short loan is Kshs. 20 per day.
  • Audio cassettes and video cassettes shall be lent out on payment of Kshs. 20 per item overnight.
  • Where the demand for the particular materials is high, usage shall be restricted to use within the library.
  • Braille library users shall be legible to borrow library information materials for a period of 1 month
  • Time spent on e-resource shall not exceed 30 minutes
  • Interlibrary library lending of information materials shall be for a period  not exceeding two months

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