knls Narok Library Profile

Services and Facilities

The library has two larger reading halls, offices, coffee house, multipurpose hall and ICT centre.The library has a sitting capacity of 350 adults and 250 children readers. The multi-purpose hall has a sitting capacity of 200 people and is available for use by the community and the institutions around the Narok area. The library compound also offers a serene environment for outdoor reading. A cyber facility for 15 users is also available for those who would like to make use of the digital information or access information online.

The Narok library was built at a cost of 32 million and is so far one of the biggest government projects within the Narok County. Together with equipping the facility with furniture, electronics items, information resources and internet access facilities, the current investment can be estimated to be around 42 million.  This is a clear demonstration that the government is committed to ensuring that people are empowered with information resources in order to significantly contribute to the development of the nation. Farmers in agricultural and livestock farming are also able to benefit fromthe National Farmers Information Service (NAFIS), an online solution to farmers in providing lots of information on best practices and information guides on farming activities.

The existence of the library in the area is a major contributor to enhancing literacy levels within the region promotes academic excellence among pupils and students within the region. Many schools, colleges, universities and other institutions benefit from the library through provision of information, a calm place to study and carry out research activities. The library resources are of great use to those pursuing academic courses and enable them have a great environment to carry out their studies. The extra services provided to the clients like reprographic services, printing, and internet browsing ensures that readers have access to a one stop solutions centre.

The facility also has lots of documented information about the Maa community and the other communities living within the area. Tourists visiting the area and local citizens who would like to know more about the Maasai, their culture and heritage will find the library a suitable place to seek knowledge. The Maasai community has a very rich culture and heritage and the Narok library will be an authority in providing such information.

The state of the art facility joins other information sources within Narok as an important tool of development within the library. Libraries play a key role in increasing the literacy levels, spurring innovation and creativity within communities. Establishment of the Library in the region augments the devolved structure of government which ensures that citizens access services easily and within their proximities.

With the guidance of Kenya’s Vision 2030 and the newly enacted constitution, it is evident that knowledge and information will play pivotal role to create a society that is cohesive and competitive both regionally and globally. 

A library plays many roles in our society today and it has remained a vital tool in every individual’s life in every stage in life. Education and literacy levels has faced and still faces serious deep-seated difficulties that stem from the culture and values of our people and therefore a community library is initiated to transform the lives of the people and positively impact the level of literacy and awareness.