Strategic Plan (2012 to June 2017)

Due to rapid political, economic, socio-cultural and technological changes in our external environment, a review of our position as a National library service is critical to ensure that our services and products remain relevant to our customers and stakeholders. We also have an obligation to contribute to the Government of Kenya’s strategic objectives that are broadly aimed at holistic development of the nation.

The Kenya National Library Service Board successfully completed the review of this strategic plan whose plan period is July 2013 to June 2017. The process of review was participatory and mutual between the Board as policy makers and Management as the implementers.   

This document will form the basis through which our stakeholders can measure our progress and identify areas of collaboration for enhanced impact of library and information services to the communities.  

The Board appreciates the continued support from the government and development partners, which has significantly contributed to the growth of the services and the expansion of our library network. This growth has created desire by Kenyans to be a part of the information community to transform their livelihood for better living. It is incumbent of us as citizens to embrace information for innovative development.  

The Board is committed to full implementation of this plan to improve service delivery to target communities. To all our stakeholders, we will ensure that we deliver services to you beyond your expectations in line with our revised vision and mission. We welcome your constant feedback and communication to enable us transform our organization into a national center of excellence for preservation and dissemination of information for knowledge and creativity.

Silas Kobia
May 2013

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