Kenya National Library service (knls) Board is a statutory body of the Government of Kenya established by an Act of Parliament, Cap 225 of the Laws of Kenya in April 1965. The Board‘s mandate is to develop, promote, establish and equip libraries in Kenya. The State Corporations Act Cap 446 of the laws of Kenya also guides the Board in its operations


These include: -

  • Preserve and conserve the national imprint for reference and research and maintain the National Bibliographic Control through issuance of the ISBN, publication of the Kenya National Bibliography and Kenya Periodicals Directory.
  • promote, establish, equip, manage and maintain the National and Public libraries services in Kenya;
  • promote information literacy and reading among Kenyans; 
  • enhance stakeholders participation for equitable development of libraries throughout the country;
  • Advise the Government, local authorities and other public bodies on all matters relating to library, documentation and related services.

An appropriate organization structure has been developed to enhance management, leadership and support of this strategic plan. The necessary responsibility and authority relationship structures have been put down as depicted in the organization chart.

However, an organization restructuring, job evaluation and review may become necessary in the near future in order for knls to be up to its task in contributing to Vision 2030. These exercises will need to establish the composition of the Board, staff levels and re-examine job specifications and descriptions that exist.

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Vision, Mission & Core Values


The hub of Information and Knowledge for Empowerment



To enable access to information for knowledge and transformation of livelihoods


Core Values:

In all our dealings with you, we will be: 




Customer Focused

Knowledge driven

The National Library of Kenya

In line with Vision 2030, knls aims at providing access to library and information services to support sector wide research for innovation and development by all Kenyans. The The National Library of Kenya is a vision 2030 flagship project. Construction of the flagship project has commenced at Nairobi's community area (opposite the NHIF) building. This project is part of knls' continuing misson to provide information for national development. With this new facility knls will increase its capacity to stimulate public interest in books and promote reading for knowledge, information and enjoyment. For more information take a look at the "The National Library of Kenya" presentation.